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who its for

Many newer and smaller businesses in the CBD | Cannabis industry get caught up in a catch-22 situation.  A downward spiral in which they need to do more marketing to make more money. But they need to make more money before they can do more marketing…

And that is who LBC3 Academy is for.

You, the CBD | Cannabis business owners who for whatever reason, need to do your own Cannabis Marketing, content creation and | or copywriting, but don’t know where to start or what to do. Or maybe you need to up your game and get more effective in your Cannabis Marketing efforts.

what we do

LBC3 Academy’s online courses are designed to provide you with a roadmap on developing your own marketing, content and | or copywriting strategy, with step-by-step instructions that will guide you through each stage of the Cannabis Marketing process.  

That is why each of LBC3 Academy’s online courses focus on the activities that will provide you with skills and tools that lets you effectively DIY each aspect of your Cannabis Marketing – without expensive subscriptions, tools or memberships. 

Not only that, but because I have personal experience with all the marketing regulations and limitations you face coming from the CBD | Cannabis industry, all LBC3 Academy’s courses are packed full of practical, useful and actionable tips and tricks to help you work within these rules so you don’t end up in hot water.


We believe that the most important thing we do is that, after finishing an online course, it armed you with a set of practical, useful and actionable Cannabis Marketing skills. Not only that, but a skills-set that specifically applies to the CBD | Cannabis industry, and will help both you and your business grow, develop, and thrive.


From experience, teaching tertiary and corporate courses, We know that the best way to learn is through doing what you’re learning. That is why all our online courses focus on a practical, step-by-step learning format, presented in bite-sized pieces that are easy to consume, understand, and implement directly in your CBD | Cannabis business and Cannabis Marketing strategies.


LBC3 Academy’s online courses always focus on sharing the industry relevant marketing tools, trips and tricks We use in my own marketing agency because We know they work, and work well. My favourite toolbox will also help you achieve more in less time when you are marketing your CBD | Cannabis business.


One common issue we noticed business owners and their teams struggle with is feeling overwhelmed by the whole Cannabis Marketing process. The jargon, the choices, the steps, implementing an effective strategy… That is why each course is worded in plain English, and designed to keep you focused on what really matters, streamlining the entire process for actual results, really quickly. 

about the founder

Lieze Boshoff (B.Psych, M.Sc (HCN)) is the founder of LBC3 Marketing – a leading international marketing agency exclusively for the CBD | Cannabis industry. Before this, she was a corporate training and development manager in London, and a university lecturer in Germany and The Netherlands.

In 2020, she established an online learning platform called LBC3 Academy. This came about when she noticed that there is a need in the market for online learning opportunities aimed at and designed for CBD | Cannabis business owners and their teams. Especially those who are either just starting out, have limited resources, or for whatever reason need to do their own marketing, content and | or copywriting but don’t know how.

Her aim with LBC3 Academy is to fill this gap by sharing the personal experiences, insights, techniques and strategies she uses in her own marketing agency, and teach smaller CBD | Cannabis business owners how to do their own cannabis marketing.  

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