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LBC3 Marketing

LBC3 Marketing is a content, marketing + copywriting agency, working exclusively with Cannabis | CBD Businesses.

We pride ourselves on getting to the root of your Cannabis | CBD Business’ untapped potential, and leveraging its unique value propositions. We do this by utilising your brand’s distinguishing characteristics and strengths, and turning that into its individual message.

If you’re ready to see the impact a strategic marketing + well-crafted copywriting can do for your Cannabis | CBD Business, take that first step and get in touch today.

Traditional marketing talks at people. In content marketing we talk with them.

what we do

Arouse inspiration. Trigger action. Cultivate lasting relationships.

We specialise in creating customised content, marketing + copywriting strategies that are tailored specifically to the marketing needs and business goals of your individual Cannabis | CBD Business.

Our particular brand of content marketing + copywriting centres around us finding the sweet spot between your content objectives, and the interests of your ideal customer.  That way we make every word count, ensuring that you get the most out of each interaction between you and them.

Everything we do is underpinned by classic direct response techniques and good old-fashioned psychology, and is designed to inspire, compel and gently guiding your audience into doing exactly what you want them to do next. 

who we are

our vision

Become an indispensable extension of our clients’ Cannabis | CBD business and creative team to ensure that we can play an integral part in their successes.

our mission

Help power business growth through our services to attract, engage, convert and retain the ideal customers of our Cannabis | CBD clients.

our values

Promote honesty, integrity and authenticity in everything we do, from the relationships we forge with our clients, to the content and copy we create.


LBC3 Marketing was founded in 2016 by Lieze Boshoff in a round about way after she found her true calling – writing for Cannabis | CBD Businesses and their customers about the potential health benefits of cannabis + CBD.

Her interest in medical cannabis and CBD got sparked when her mother was diagnosed with cancer during the early 90’s.  After going through the chemotherapy and radiation treatments, but without success, Lieze’s mother started looking into alternative therapies, of which cannabinoid medicines was one.

Seeing how effective this strategy was for her mother, but also experiencing the stigma surrounding it first hand, Lieze set out to educate people about medical cannabis and CBD by writing about it.   

Lieze holds a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology, a Masters degree in Clinical Neuropsychology and worked towards getting my PhD in Cognition and Anomalous Perception.  She also holds diplomas in hypnotherapy, aromatherapy and reiki.

Before starting LBC3 Marketing, Lieze wore many hats, ranging from an executive search consultant and account manager in London (UK), to an academic researcher and university lecturer in Bremen (Germany) and Groningen (The Netherlands).  

Honest, accurate and scientific data is at the core of every piece of content or copy that LBC3 Marketing produces forCannabis | CBD Businesses. 

We feel it instills a sense of trust between us and our clients as well as between them and their audiences.  

But most importantly, it allows us to help educate the general public about the benefits of this magnificent plant – without hidden agendas, misinformation and perpetuating stigmas.


Every single interaction presents an opportunity for your Cannabis | CBD brand to connect with a person and add value to their lives.

Our multidisciplinary approach work to elevate and differentiate out clients’ brands through purposeful strategy, meaningful content and thoughtful copywriting experiences.

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