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Our new name, LBC3 Marketing, is basically a shortened version for LB Cannabis Copy & Content, the name we used for the first 2+ years of being in business.  We decided to do a rebrand after expanding our services, making us more of a marketing agency than just a copy and content writing service.  


Read on to find out more about who we are and what we can do for you.




We help cannabis brands stay relevant and profitable in this increasingly competitive industry.  

Simply put, we help businesses like yours attract their ideal customers to your product or service and we make them want to buy it from you. We help you make the most of every visitor that lands on your website, and build those valuable relationship with your customers that make them come back for more.  And, we also save you the time, money and effort it would take to do it yourself.

We do this by using a mix of psychology, industry marketing strategies and cannabis industry experience to create conversion-focussed copy that entice and persuades visitors to take action, and trust-building content that drives traffic and generates leads.

We offer our services in both English and German, meaning that you can reach a wider audience than you could ever have imagined reaching before.



lb cannabis copy & content service copywriting

Cannabis Copywriting

Differentiate Your Cannabis Brand, Persuade Visitors, and Inspire Action

lb cannabis copy & content service content + marketing

Cannabis Content + Marketing

Increase Traffic, Generate Leads, and Build Your Tribe

lb cannabis copy & content service translations

German Translation

Tap Into the European Cannabis Market & Reach a Global Audience with Multiple Languages




We are experts in our respective fields and specialists in the cannabis industry which means we know the pitfalls, difficulties and challenges of working within it.  

Working exclusively in the cannabis industry, we appreciate the difficulties you face. We understand that you need someone that knows what you are up against. Someone that knows how to change those challenges into solutions. Someone that can help you attract customers and generate sales despite these obstacles.  

With our experience, resources, and deep commitment to our craft, we help you to attract visitors, connect with your audience and convert prospects into customers by:  

  • utilising the timeless elements of human psychology in the art of persuasion and relationship building
  • taking advantage of multiple marketing techniques to boost your conversions and help you engage with your customers
  • understanding that traffic is useless if that traffic isn’t engaged, which is why we write for your audience, using your brand voice
  • only working with a handful of select clients at one time ensuring we have the time to devote to your business and brand, providing you the best possible service





Who We Work With

Our clients range from cannabis startups, to cannabis industry veterans, to cannabis industry news hubs and magazines located in the North Americas, Europe and the UK. We also work closely with branding, inbound marketing and design agencies, writing content and copy for projects with their clients.

Our network includes a select group of freelancers ranging from web developers, branding experts, to SEO gurus and social media hackers. Ideal for cannabis startups that need help launching their new brand.



LBC3 Marketing client - Amaweed
CBD Pure - LB Cannabis Copy & Content Client
lb cannabis copy & content client Farside
geovana - lb cannabis copy & content
onweed tv - lb cannabis copy & content
uweed - lb cannabis copy & content
cannawijzer - lb cannabis copy & content