It can be incredibly frustrating when trying to market your Cannabis | CBD business.  Direct marketing and advertising strategies such as running social media and internet ads are just not an option. 

And with the increased move towards the legalization of, and increased interest in  and CBD products, the green rush is in full swing, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd.  But did you know that there are benefits of blogging for Cannabis | CBD businesses which can help you get around all that and do so cheaply?

Why You Should Blog

You know that you need to grow an online audience.  You know that you need to find effective way to connect to your target customers,  And you know that content marketing is probably the most successful strategy available to you and your Cannabis | CBD businesses. 

This is why blogging for business is invaluable in helping you boost your Cannabis | CBD business’s online visibility and build relationships with your target audience. Consistently publishing informative, in-depth, quality content on your Cannabis | CBD business blog, you are in the position to provide more value for leads and customers, which ultimately lead to increased conversions, higher sales and improved customer relationships and retention.

In short, blogging for your Cannabis | CBD business has the potential of leading a prospective customer through the entire marketing process – from attracting them, to converting them, to closing and retaining them.

Benefits of blogging for business #1 – Drive More Traffic to Your Site

Businesses that publish regular content receive 8x more traffic

 Lyfe Marketing

There are only so many pages you can realistic have on your website before it becomes a confusing mess.  How often do you update the pages you do have?  And how often can you insert a keyword on a website page before looking like your stuffing them on there?

Blogging solves all of these issues for you:


1. Indexing

Whenever you add a blog post to your Cannabis | CBD business’s website, it counts as one more indexed page on your website.  This means that you have one more opportunity to show up on a Google search and one more organic search opportunity to drive a prospective customer to your website.

2. SEO

All major search engines love new, in-depth and relevant content.  Updating your website with fresh, high-quality, and interesting blog posts shows search engines such as Google that your website is active, alive and well.  It also gives Google, Bing and Yahoo new opportunities to crawl and index your website.

3. Organic Search

Blogging is also a great way for your Cannabis | CBD business to be found though organic searches.  By inserting relevant keywords that consumers use to search for the types of products and services your Cannabis | CBD business offers, you up your chances of a new potential customer landing on your website.

Benefits of blogging for business #2 – Influence Conversions

Businesses that use blogs get 67% more leads than those that do not, with buyers reading 3-5 blog posts before engaging with the business

#  Hub Spot

Turning prospects into leads, and leads into customers require can be difficult.  Good thing then that your business blog is an easy, cheap, and effective way to do a lot of the heavy lifting that is required for guiding customers through your marketing funnel. 

By writing about topics and themes that your target audience finds interesting and helpful, can help you engage them at each step of their buyers journey and where they are in your sales funnel (to find out more about sales funnels, read about them in part 1 and find out how to create your own here in part 2). 

For instance:


1. Top-of-Funnel = Awareness Phase:

People in the beginning of their buyer’s journey are just becoming aware that they may have a need.  During this stage, blog content should focus on your target audience’s pain points and explain their biggest challenges.


2. Middle-of-Funnel = Evaluation Phase: 

During this stage, people are weighing up, considering and evaluating their options.  Blog content should focus on helping your target audience to understand the solutions to their problems, and educate them about the potential outcomes of each in order for them to make informed choices.


3. Bottom-of-Funnel = Conversion Phase: 

This is where prospects makes up their mind and decides on the course of action they are going to follow.  This is a great opportunity for your blog content to give that final push in the right direction and should focus on why your Cannabis | CBD brand and products is the better option for them. 

Benefits of blogging for business #3 – Develop & Strengthen Relationships

60% of consumers feel engaged/positive with a brand or company after reading custom content on their blog

Content Plus

Keeping your target audience interested and engaged is a key element of content marketing and branding.  Blogging gives you the chance to connect with both existing and potential customers.  But in a different, more personal and conversational way.

By encouraging people to interact with your Cannabis | CBD business through an active comment section, you will not only be able to follow and respond to your visitor’s questions, comments and interest, you are also given the opportunity to use each response as an additional form of content. 

What’s more, each question and comment in the comment section, also gives you insight into the needs and concerns of your customers.  These can be used to direct the themes and topics of your blog, once again engaging prospects at every stage of your sales funnel by being helpful and relevant.

Every time you connect with someone through your blog by responding directly to them, you build trust, develop a bond, and strengthen a relationship with one of either your existing or potential customers.  This also brings us to our next point.

Benefits of blogging for business #4 – Build Brand Trust + Authority

Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information

Hub Spot

Brand trust and authority are two factors within the Cannabis | CBD industry that are critical when helping people make their purchasing decisions. This is why Cannabis | CBD businesses especially, benefit from creating a blog and updating it with in-depth, relevant and informative content on a regular basis.

The number one reason why blogging is such an effective tool in helping Cannabis | CBD businesses build relationships with consumers is because it has the ability to provide real value.  Can you imagine the positive impact on prospective customers if YOUR Cannabis | CBD business’s educational blog article allayed their fears or answered their questions?  Or if YOUR Cannabis | CBD business’s blog manages to solve a problem for someone?

Unlike direct marketing that hammers away at consumers, telling to buy something, blogging helps to educate people about why they need your product or service, how it can add value to their lives, and how it can potentially solve their problems.

Benefits of blogging for business #5 – Social Media Discovery + Content Sharing

94% of people who share posts do so because they think it might be helpful to others

New York Times Insights


Want to get discovered social media?  Blog.

Blogging helps you and your Cannabis | CBD business get discovered on social media.  Every time you write a blog post, you create an opportunity for others to share a link to your blog across THEIR social media networks.  This means the potential for exponential exposure to audiences that do not know about you yet. 

It also means that, when you post the right content (i.e. content that’s useful and relevant to your audience) at the right time, you strengthen the reach of your blog content reach via social media.  But you also strengthen the reach of your social media through your blog.  Every time your content is discovered by someone that doesn’t know about you and your brand, your blog has directed someone to your social media profile(s), creating another opportunity for interacting with what is potentially a new customer.

This symbiotic relationship between your blog and your social media, is the epitome of effective marketing – and it’s free.

Benefits of blogging for business #6 – Drive Long-Term Results

Year-over-year growth in unique site traffic is 7.8x higher for content marketing


The beautiful about blogging is that the effort you put in today can turn into hundreds and thousands of future views, visits and leads.

Although blogging can sometimes feel like a now-or-never situation, the reality is that most of your discoveries and sales will come from older posts.  Hubspot found that between 70% and 90% of leads generated every month comes from posts that are sometimes years old – especially for high-quality, evergreen content.

But as with all things good, there is some bad too.  There is no doubt that blogging for business is a great way to get your name out there.  But it also means is that blogging is a long-term strategy.  It takes time.  But, if you hang in there, and consistently post high-quality content, you are more likely to have a blog that will generate leads for your Cannabis | CBD business far into the future, and do so without any additional effort, time or money.