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Welcome to the LBC3 Marketing blog + news page.  So, why not pull up a seat, get comfortable and read about the latest marketing tips + industry news all in one place!

quantifiable social media metrics
Social Media Metrics You Need To Track

Most of us only look at “vanity” metrics – but that’s a mistake. These are the social media metrics you should track to get the real picture

instagram seo techniques
Instagram SEO Techniques to Increase Reach

8 Instagram SEO techniques to help you and your medical cannabis or CBD brand expand your reach organically, authentically and ethically.

case studies
How Case Studies Can Help You Grow

Case studies can help grow Cannabis | CBD business as they show potential customers what you can do for them through real-life proof.

plan instagram posts
How to Plan Your Instagram Posts The Right Way

In this post I will show you exactly how to plan your instagram posts so you’re able to create content strategically, easily + consistently.

create regular content
Why You Need to Create Regular Content

Why it is important to create regular content for your Cannabis | CBD business’s blog + how it will help you generate more leads.

use instagram for business
Get Started + Use Instagram for Business

Everything you need to know about setting up, posting + planning when using Instagram for business as a Cannabis | CBD brand.