LBC3 Marketing Blog - Does cannabis really impair cognitive function? Find out what the science really says

Does Cannabis Really Impair Cognitive Functioning?

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  Does Cannabis Impair Cognitive Functioning? What The Research Actually Says…   Every so often the cannabis-makes-you-stupid type headline (like this one in the Daily Mail) pops up in the main stream media, citing the latest “definitive” study showing that cannabis impairs memory and cognitive function… Others, like this Times article cites a different source which […]

LBC3 Marketing Blog - The Story of Charlotte's web CBD oil and the Girl who got her life back

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

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  The Story of Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil: Can it work for your child too?   Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Charlotte. She suffered from Dravet Syndrome – a very rare form of epilepsy.  And with that, her fairytale ends and her story begins… A story of a little girl’s […]

LBC3 Marketing - Is Craft Cannabis the new rising star of the cannabis industry?

Craft Cannabis

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  Craft Cannabis: Is it the New Rising Star of the Cannabis Industry?   As more states and countries are moving towards cannabis legalisation – either for medicinal or recreational purposes – consumer profiles are changing and along with them, the type of product they demand. That is why more and more people are turning […]

LBC3 Marketing Blog - The definitive guid to Cannabis law in the Netherlands and it's probably not what you think it is

Guide to Cannabis Law in the Netherlands

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  The Definitive Guide to Cannabis Law in the Netherlands – It is probably not what you think…   The Netherlands is known for pretty much three things:  cheese, windmills and weed.  Visiting Amsterdam has become a type of rite of passage for pot smokers worldwide. There is a distinct weed culture associated with the […]