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Cannabis | CBD marketing is about more than just blog articles or newsletters. You need a tactical approach that leverages your business objectives as well as the interests of your target audience.  Creating a marketing strategy will help you secure an effective online presence across multiple platforms that ultimately, drives profitable customer action.

From strategy development and editorial planning to implementation, focus on the big picture and what is really important to propel your Cannabis | CBD business forward and meet your marketing goals.

marketing strategy

Maximise every opportunity for growth by outlining your target audience / buyer personas, value proposition, sales cycle and strategy that maps how best to reach your ideal customers and gain a competitive edge.

lead generation

Generate leads and build mailing lists with downloadable ebooks and case-studies, complete with landing pages and CTAs, that captures the contact information of prospective customers.

email marketing campaigns

An integral part of any content marketing strategy, email marketing campaigns create brand awareness, generate leads and nurture prospects, by highlighting educational content, promotions, products and services.

instagram strategy + content

Build your community by sharing educational content, promotions, and displaying services | products through strategic showcasing and a coherent brand image that builds brand recognition, authority and trust.

Instagram Micro-Influencer Strategy

Leverage the niche audiences and the high-engagement rates typical of micro-influencers to get more people to notice your brand, and nurture high-quality leads in a very cost-effective way.

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