Content Marketing


Medical cannabis and CBD content marketing is about more than just blog articles or newsletter. You need a tactical approach that identifies where your content objectives meet the interests of your target audience, and leverage that for maximum returns.  Creating a solid content strategy will help you secure an effective online presence across multiple platforms that ultimately, drives profitable customer action.

From the first steps of audit and analysis to strategy development, editorial planning and implementation, my content marketing services are designed to showcase who your brand is, cultivate memorable experiences for your audience and help you achieve your business goals.

Let me help you figure out which direction you should be going with your content marketing strategy




Content marketing costs 62% less and generates 3 times as many leads as other forms of direct and digital marketing



90% of buyers say online content has had an impact on their medical cannabis and/or CBD purchases



61% of consumers have made a purchase after reading a medical cannabis and/or CBD blog recommendation



Medical cannabis and CBD companies with blogs produce 67% more leads than those without



Year-over-year growth in unique website traffic is almost 8 times higher for content marketing than other types of marketing



Conversion rates are nearly 6 times higher for content marketing than compared to other forms of marketing


First, we need to get a better understanding of where your medical cannabis or CBD brand is now, and what we need to do to get you where you want to be.

I will start by doing an audit and analysis of your existing content, see how we can reformat or repurpose that and how we can use it as a starting point.  I will also look at your current marketing and content distribution channels and how we can leverage and incorporate them moving forward.

From there, I will create and develop a cohesive, long-term inbound content marketing strategy to help you create, organize and define your efforts, including:

  • The development of buyer persona(s) that embodies your ideal client(s)
  • A content strategy for your blog and other content distribution channels (e.g. social media and newsletters)
  • An editorial / publishing calendar for your blog and content distribution channels


Once we have a content marketing strategy in place, I can help you with implementing it using a mixture of the services offered below.



I can create content in the form of blog posts, ebooks, how-to guides and case studies that align directly with your business goals, create brand awareness, trust and industry authority while also helping you connect directly with your target audience.  SEO friendly content is also a brilliant way to generate and drive organic website traffic.



Generate leads through downloadable ebooks and case-studies that captures the contact information of prospective customers to build mailing lists.  Whether leveraging and repurposing existing content or creating these from scratch complete with landing pages and CTAs, I can help build your mailing list.



Email marketing campaigns are a superb way to build trust, increase brand awareness, grow website traffic, generate leads and nurture prospects.   They are also great for highlighting educational content, promotions, products and services, making them an integral part of any content marketing strategy.



Old, outdated and crappy content is worse than no content.  If your blog or website hasn't been updated in a while, I will start by making a list of website pages that should be prioritized based on your business goals.  Maintaining, repurposing and updating existing content with fresh information will not only reinvigorate your brand but also make you popular with Google.

Let me fire up your medical cannabis or CBD brand with a results-driven content marketing strategy