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How To Create A Buyer Persona

How To Create A Buyer Persona


Content Marketing for CBD & Medical Cannabis Brands:  How To Create A Buyer Persona


A buyer persona can be super helpful when building your marketing message.  In fact, having a deep understanding of your buyer persona(s) is vital in driving everything from product development to developing and refining your sales funnel to creating content and marketing strategies.  Think of it a bit like you’re building a profile in a similar way as criminal profilers do, but just for marketing purposes.

A well-crafted buyer persona will help you personalize your marketing message on a large scale and humanize the core target groups of YOUR customer base.  And in this article you will find out exactly what a buyer persona is, what it can do for you and how to create a buyer persona in 5 easy steps.


What As A Buyer Persona & Why Is It Important?

In its simplest form, a buyer persona is nothing more an imaginary and fictional character or personality that represents your customers.  Think of it a bit like taking all of their common characteristics, rolling those into one, and putting together a single person.

It’s nigh on impossible to get to know every customer individually.  But you CAN create a customer persona to represent each general segment of your customer base and get to know that buyer persona intimately.  And this is the reason why a buyer persona is not only useful, but also important to your marketing strategy:  they can help you form a comprehensive picture of, and help you internalize your customer base.

What’s more, when you have a solid and intimate understanding of your buyer persona(s) it’s also simply just easier to craft a consistent, coherent and effective marketing message. Your buyer persona is also critical to, and what should drive everything from product development to branding, to content creation, to social media imagery - in fact anything that has to do with customer acquisition and retention. 

A coherent and in-depth buyer persona will help you use the appropriate tone of voice, the right language, help you address the specific needs of your ideal customer and help you fulfill their personal desires.  In turn, this will help you relate to your customers as real humans and they will feel like you have a more personalized relationship with them.


How To Create A Buyer Persona For Your Cannabis or CBD Business

The first thing to understand is that you will probably have to create a separate buyer persona for different products and services.  Because people may buy your different products or services for different reasons, a different buyer persona should also then be created for, and targeted to, each product or service.

This means you will have to roll up your sleeves and dig into who is already buying from you, what they do, where they’re from, where they hang out and what their pain points are. 


Step 1:  Identify Your Audience

Your buyer persona should also be based on data, facts and real-world information.  It will not be useful or effective to clobber something together from gut feelings, intuition and instinct.  You will need to define the people who actually buy from you and not the people you think buy from you.

Places you can find this information is from customer records, social media analytics, customer reviews and your website statistics - all of which can give you an incredible amount of information about the people who are interacting with your brand online, even if they’re not yet customers. 

Some of the key data points you should collect include things like:

  • gender
  • age
  • location
  • language
  • income level
  • buying behavior
  • interests and activities
  • life stage (such as new parenthood or retirement)


Step 2:  Identify Their Pain Points

When you know what the pain points of your customers and clients are, you can help solve those for them with your product or service.  A simple way to find out about what their concerns, problems and issues are is to simply listen. 

Try to identify themes and patterns in social media comments, from your customer service interaction and anywhere else you interact with your customers.  Find out what they are complaining about,  what kinds of questions they ask most, why they are interested in certain products and what they are saying about your products online.


Step 3:  Identify Customer Goals

Once you’ve figured out what their issues are, you need to find out what their goals and aspirations are.  Just like you want to match your products to solutions, you want to match the benefits and features of your products to their goals. 

Again, simply listening to your customers either online or in person is a great way to gather this type of information. 


Step 4:  Create Your Buyer Persona(s)

This is the fun part where you put together all the information you gathered and start connecting the dots by looking for themes, commonalities and similarities.  And as you group these data points and characteristics together a picture of your buyer persona(s) will start to emerge.

It’s important to remember that your buyer persona is not just a list of characteristics but instead is a realistic description. You want your buyer persona to feel and look like a real person with enough information to make it informative, but not so much that you end up becoming bogged down in too many specifics.  You want it to be inclusionary and representative of the majority of your audience but so general that it could be anybody.




Let’s Look At A Real-Life Example

Step 1: Your Audience

You’ve identified that your audience consists of English speaking, university educated, professional women between the ages of 45 and 65 from Europe who like to buy their CBD products online. They are interested in natural therapies, yoga and spirituality and like to hang out in Facebook groups and Pinterest.


Step 2:  Their Pain Points

Your English speaking, university educated, professional women between the ages of 45 and 65 are now at an age where they’re either starting to experience symptoms of menopause or are menopausal. The pain points they are talking about are that they are 1) suffering from a variety of uncomfortable symptoms which 2) are hampering their ability to live their lives to the full.


Step 3: Their Goals

Your English speaking, university educated, professional women between the ages of 45 and 65 are also into natural remedies.  Their goals and aspirations are to 1) find symptom relief, 2) from a natural remedy so that they can 3) live happy, healthy and carefree lives.


Step 4:  The Buyer Persona

Your group of English speaking, university educated, professional women between the ages of 45 and 65 can be called Menopausal Maggie.

  • She is 55 years old
  • She lives in London
  • She works in a managerial position at a Financial Consultancy
  • She does yoga three times a week
  • She prefers to take supplements and go to an energy healer over going to the doctor
  • She is menopausal, stressed and unhappy
  • She is suffering from the symptoms of menopause which is taking away her quality of life
  • She wants to find relief and live a full, happy, healthy life again


How To Use Your Band Persona

Now that you’ve created your buyer persona called Menopausal Maggie, you can start getting a clear picture on how your products or services match up to her pain points and goals.  In other words, how does your product or service help solve her problems and how does your product or service can help her achieve her goals and desires?

When matching your products or services to your buyer persona’s pain points, it’s helpful to think of in terms of the benefit they provide instead of what they are.  In other words, don’t explain the various features and what your product or service does. Instead, focus on the benefits.  In other words, how your product or service will make Menopausal Maggie’s life easier or better.

For instance, say you have a CBD capsule that also contains evening primrose oil and other beneficial women’s herbs.  The features here are that it contains CBD, evening primrose oil and other beneficial women’s herbs.  The benefits are that CBD along with these herbs can effectively help to relieve menopause symptoms (benefit matched to pain point) and help get their lives back to normal (benefit matched to goal).


Final Thoughts

It’s often too easy for a marketing message to become a feature ridden monologue about you, your products and why people should buy from you.  Creating a buyer persona is one way to avoid this trap. It also helps you to create real marketing messages that speak to real people.

You’ll find that it is much easier to speak to, and create interesting, relevant and helpful content for Menopausal Maggie than it is for a vague idea of who you think your customers are.  And when crafting your marketing message specifically for Menopausal Maggie you start addressing her priorities instead of your own, allowing you to get much more up close and personal, helping you build a bond, create brand loyalty and instill a sense of trust with the real customers that Menopausal Maggie represents.



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