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How to Repurpose Content + Why You Should

How to Repurpose Content + Why You Should


Content Creation for CBD & Medical Cannabis Brands:  How to Repurpose Content + Why You Should


The whole content creation thing can become a bit laborious and time consuming to say the least.  But, as we know by now, it is a super important part of any successful marketing strategy and the basis of any content marketing strategy (well obvs…).  But there are ways in which you can make it bit easier. Simply repurpose your content. 

So, if you are tired of spending hours crafting the perfect blog post, just for it to have a shelf-life of like 15 minutes, or you are running out of new ideas for content, it not only starts making sense to repurpose content from your old blog post, but it’s sort of smart.


Why You Should Repurpose Content

When you repurpose content from your old blog posts, you are basically stretching the work you’ve done to its full potential. At the same time it is also a great way to get a lot of new and different eyeballs on your message. 

Think of it this way.  When you have a blog post, you are catering to a very specific type of person, someone that like to read.  But, when you turn a blog post into a video, or podcast as well, you are reaching out to an entirely new audience - an audience that would not necessarily have the time or inclination to read a blog post.

Similarly, if you offer a variety of valuable and informative content formats on a variety of channels, you are making it easier for the people it, read/listen/watch it, and engage with it. And also with you.


1. When you repurpose content, you give your audience choice

Try to think of repurposing your content as giving your audience choice.  The thing is, we know that everyone responds and digested information differently.  There is a large percentage of people who not only would much rather watch a video or listen to a podcasts than read about something in a blog post, but there are some who also (due to a variety of reasons) are unable to. When you offer your content only in written form on your blog, chances there is a huge, untapped market you are missing out on. But by offering them content in a variety of formats, you are catering to their preferences, their needs and their wants.


2. When you repurpose content, you save time

Even as a pro that does this for a living, eking out the time and mustering up the energy to write blog posts for my own blog is a challenge.  But, by simply tweaking a few of the ones I’ve written before and turning them into something else, I can save a ton of time and so can you.


3. When you repurpose content, you build your brand

Creating regular content that aligns with your brand message, vision and mission is vital to building a successful and recognizable brand.  When you repurpose and re-share your content, you not only get your message to more people but you also build your brand name, recognizability and message even more - something that is always pretty awesome for your cannabis or CBD business.


How to Repurpose Content

1. Infographics

Not only are these fun to create, but infographics are also pretty easy and completely sharable.  Let’s face it, everyone likes a good infographic and next to blog post, they are one of the most shared types of content out there.  Not only does an infographic give people a quick overview, but they are also eye-catching, while also allowing people to click through to the original content that drives traffic to your website. 


2. Video

Videos, whether for IGTV, YouTube or Facebook are real attention grabbers.  You can either repurpose a blog post by making a full-on video about it, or simply cover the highlights to lead them to your blog posts.  However, the coolest thing that happens when you repurpose content in video form is that, because it is such a huge social platform, you are tapping into a brand new audience while at the same time connecting with them on a personal level.


3. Podcasts

Whether you are turning a blog post into a podcast or a podcast into a blog post, as with video, you are reaching one of the two biggest audiences - readers AND non-readers.


 4. Webinars

Webinars allow you to really demonstrate what your blog post is all about.  But although intimidating, live webinars especially can be pretty a really amazing way to engage with your audience as Q&A’s for instance, offer them the opportunity to have an open discussion with you.   You can also continue driving traffic to your website by allowing replays on your website where people can continue watching it long after it’s ended.


5. E-books

These are a favorite of mine as it is relatively easy to compile your blog posts into handy, downloadable e-books that gives your audience a way to get all the information they love in one place.  At the same time, you can also use it as a content upgrade that you can offer for free to get more people onto your mailing list.


6. Update old posts

If you’ve been creating content for a while, there is a good chance that you have posts on your blog that are mouldering away on the last couple of blog pages that no one visits.  Dust them off and give them a new lease on life by updating them with some fresh ideas and new information.  It definitely saves you time when you don’t have to start from scratch.  By the way, it also helps your SEO (you’re welcome!).


Final Thoughts

Now that you know why you should and how to repurpose your old content, you need to leverage all of it to its full potential.  Just like you do with your blog posts, you need to share, share, and once again share….

Now I know that you, like a lot of other people, might be afraid that you are going to annoy people by sharing all of your content what seems like all of the time.  But you really shouldn’t be.  Considering that only about 10% of your audience has seen your post the first time, chances are that the vast majority will need you to post it several times before they see it in their feed.

Just relax and enjoy the fact that with all the new platforms you are targeting when you repurpose content, you will probably be gaining a new and wider audience with whom you can engage with. Pretty cool for doing less work, right?








lieze boshoff lbc3 marketing

Lieze, is the founder of LBC3 Marketing, a leading content marketing and copywriting consultancy, working exclusively in the cannabis industry.

Lieze is a passionate and data-driven content marketing consultant with over 3 years of medical cannabis and CBD industry experience. Working with a wide range of brands and businesses globally, Lieze specializes in helping her clients get clear on their content strategy, creating educational and engaging content, and crafting conversion-focussed copy that resonates with their ideal customers.

If you're ready to see the impact a strategic Content Marketing plan and well-crafted Copywriting can do for you and your cannabis or CBD business, take that first step, contact her here for a free consultation.







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