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online marketing courses

LBC3 Academy provides a range of online online marketing courses created and designed specifically for business owners (and their teams) who, for whatever reason, need to DIY their marketing. Our online marketing courses focus on all aspects of digital and content marketing, including content creation, conversion-focussed copywriting, email marketing and lead generation. 

  • Need to do more marketing to make more money, but need to make more money before they can do more marketing?
  • Don’t have the resources available for an external CBD | cannabis marketing agency or your own internal team? 
  • Need to do your own marketing, content creation and even copywriting but feeling stuck because you don’t know where to start, or what to do?

 Get out of this all too familiar marketing catch-22 and enroll in our CBD | Cannabis Marketing Courses and learn how to do your own marketing, the right way from the start. With our LBC3 Academy online marketing courses you will not only learn the what, why and how of doing your own, marketing but also the latest tactics and tools to make your work easier.

online marketing courses
Cannabis + CBD Marketing Agency LBC3 Marketing content marketing

master classes

Cannabis + CBD Marketing Agency LBC3 Marketing content creation

individual modules

online marketing courses
Cannabis + CBD Marketing Agency LBC3 Marketing why us


Our online cannabis marketing, content creation + copywriting courses are all designed + developed specifically for the CBD | Cannabis industry


Our LBC3 Academy online marketing courses are designed, developed + presented by a marketing + copywriting expert with over 5 years CBD | Cannabis industry experience


Learn exactly what you need + want to and design your own online marketing course from individual modules, or you can simply follow one of our masterclasses


Our online marketing courses are all self-paced to fit seamlessly into your everyday life – wherever, whenever and in your own time


Whether following a masterclass or a foundational marketing module, we focus on practical, real-life knowledge, skills and expertise for instant business application


Our expertly designed online marketing courses provides you with actionable tips, so you can do your own marketing, copywriting + content creation, for free

customer profiling

Learn how to connect with your customers and increase your profitability by creating your own customer profiles and buyer personas

sales funnels

Learn how to create + optimise  your sales funnel for maximum business growth + increased profitability

content mapping

Learn how to map your content to your buyer’s journey + sales funnel to grow your business + increase your profits

content strategy

Learn how to create a content strategy to reach your marketing goals + save time, money and resources

CBD | Cannabis Marketing Agency


Lieze Boshoff is the founder of LBC3 Academy. She is also the founder of LBC3 Marketing, a leading content marketing + copywriting consultancy, and a 5+ year CBD | Cannabis Industry veteran.

She has personally seen the power of Cannabis Marketing and what it can do for smaller CBD | Cannabis businesses. But there are also so many aspects to developing and implementing a successful Cannabis Marketing strategy, that many CBD | Cannabis owners and their teams don’t know where to start or what to do.

That is why she started LBC3 Academy – an online training and development platform that provides business owners with the tools, skills and insights to leverage Cannabis Marketing in their own businesses, and do so effectively.

CBD | Cannabis Marketing Agency
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Why You Need to Create Regular Content
Why Your Social Media Follower Count Doesn’t Matter
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Quantifiable Social Media Marketing Benefits
How to Market Your Cannabis | CBD Business
Social Media Metrics You Need To Track
The Many Benefits of Blogging for Business
How to Choose the Right Social Media Platforms
Branding Your Cannabis | CBD Business on a Budget

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