How to Plan Your Instagram Posts the Right Way

As a small cannabis | CBD business, you often end up having to do a lot of things yourself – including running your own social media account. But remembering to post regularly can become an issue if you don’t plan instagram posts – at least a little.  And that is why I will show you exactly how to plan your Instagram posts so you’re able to create content strategically, consistently, and easily.

We’ll go over how you can figure out the type of content you want to post, how to pick a content theme, and how to plan Instagram posts individually.  So let’s dive in.

How to Plan Instagram Content Types

No matter the type of content you decide to post, it should always be something that will appeal to your ideal audience.  So go beyond what you’re doing or selling and think about what they care about.  What will motivate them to follow your Instagram account and interact with you?
Say, for instance, that your audience is interested in cannabis | CBD for pain relief, posting content about the different ways it helps with that will be interesting and valuable to them.  Crafting informative captions will be useful for providing them with more detailed, well-researched information that will benefit them instead of you.

Because Instagram is a visually focussed social media platform and seeing pretty pictures is what a lot of people like about it and use it for.  So posting aesthetically pleasing images and videos that embody the essence of your products and brand is another option.  And although it might not drive a significant amount of conversions, these kinds of posts are a great way of growing your following, create brand awareness and build a sense of community among your followers.

You might also want to experiment with content formats as well.  Different types of content might do better in different format types.  For example, educational content might do better in a video format.  Or if your blog is cannabis | CBD education focussed, you can use Instagram posts to whet their appetite and then point them to those resources instead of having text heavy posts and captions.
A lot of what you end up posting might not hit the mark with your audience so try different content types.

Pick one type of content and post it consistently over a month.  The answers to the following questions will give you a good indication of it’s working or not:

  • How many people like and comment on your posts?
  • How many followers did you gain?
  • Has there been an increase in traffic from Instagram to your website?
  • Has these posts positively impacted your business in other ways?

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How to Plan Instagram Visual Themes

Ok, now that you have an idea on the type of content you want to post, the next step is to decide on how you want those to look by using a visual theme.  This will not only help you with your content creation by giving you an aesthetic guideline, but it will also help with creating visual consistency that is pleasing.  HubSpot has some great ones you can use as inspiration.

A consistent, aesthetically pleasing Instagram theme will also help you by:

  • Making your images appear coordinated and well-thought-out.  This is especially important for when Instagram users discover your profile, as it will create the impression of value and make them more likely to want to engage with you.
  • Allowing your followers will sense a pattern in your content.  When something is recognizable, we are psychologically hard-wired to pause and look at it.  The same will happen when they scroll through their feed and recognize your aesthetic.
  • Making content creation easier for you.  When you have a set of pre-selected fonts and color palettes, it takes a lot of the planning pressure off of you.  It makes choosing content easier than you need to make fewer decisions when creating new posts.

When designing and creating a consistent visual theme across all of your posts, you want to stay within your cannabis | CBD business’ visual branding guidelines.  The aim with your posts and Instagram aesthetic is to create brand recognizability and awareness.  So what you want to do is pay attention to the colors in your photos, the filters you use, the color palettes and fonts, as well as the pattern of the content types you post.

  • Color Palette: Try sticking with your brand colors when creating Instagram posts.  You can also pick a few additional colors that complement your brand palette and make sure that those colors are the most prominent color in each of your posts.  Just make sure to not go overboard as too many colors can become confusing and unpleasing.
  • Fonts: Again, stay on brand with your font choices.  Another tip is to use easy-to-read sans serif fonts where you can and keep it the same across all posts.  Also, select one font to use whenever you want to overlay text on photos or videos to stay consistent.
  • Filters: When you use filters, don’t overuse them as over-editing can dilute the quality of your images.  And, when it comes to your product images, too much filter can also end up giving your audience a false sense of what the product looks like or create a sense of distrust.  If you decide to use filters, use the same one or two across all your posts.
  • Grid View Pattern: If you want to create a visual pattern on your Instagram’s grid view, you should use the rule of three.  Since Instagram’s grid view has three columns, make sure that every third post is a similar in content type, theme or color.  For instance, you can make every third post a text post with educational, cannabis | CBD information. This will create a column that shows you’ve thoughtfully planned out your posts.

How to Plan Instagram Posting Schedule

You’re two-thirds of the way there with the final step in the process being the planning of your posting and posting schedule.  You will also need to decide how often you want to post.  It doesn’t have to be every day, just make sure that you decide on a frequency that you can manage and stay comfortably consistent with.  If you want to know more about posting frequency, read this article here.

To make sure that you establish a consistent pattern when it comes to setting dates and times for posting.  The easiest way to do this is to create a spreadsheet with the following columns: Publication date and time; Content type; Image file name/link; Post goal; Post caption; Hashtags.

For instance, you might decide to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so fill in the next month’s dates and times in the column named “Publication date and time”.  The next step is to decide on the content type you want to post when.  When slotting these in, you can, for example, evenly splitting the rows into separate content types and goals, and then filling in the caption for the post later.

How you are going to write your caption will depend on your audience, the type of post and what goal you have in mind for that post.  For instance, an educational post will have a longer caption that is more informative and authoritative while an aesthetics-focussed post can have a shorter, clever and more light-hearted caption.

Planning Tools to Plan Instagram Posts

You can opt to do everything manually by setting reminders for scheduling your posts.  But a much more efficient way to go about it is to get an Instagram posting tool.  I like Later and personally use it for my own Instagram and those of my clients (you can follow this link if you’re interested in signing up).

By using a scheduling tool, you can plan in advance and make sure that you have a consistent and regular stream of content being posted without the hassle of stopping everything you’re doing to post it yourself.  It can also help you visualize your Instagram grid view.  So, for instance, you can swap posts around if need be to make sure your visual theme stays coherent and aesthetically pleasing.

When you plan Instagram posts thoughtfully and carefully, you will make sure that your content delivers the most value to your audience.  It will also take a lot of pressure off when you’re creating your posts since it will take a lot of guess work out of the equation.  You’ll also find that the engagement from your current followers will increase while simultaneously expanding the reach of your cannabis | CBD business’ recognizability, awareness and messaging to new audiences.

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