Conversion Copywriting Portfolio


Conversion copywriting is the practice of shaping words that not only sound good, but serve a definite purpose.  The ultimate goal of conversion copywriting is to convert online visitors into customers.

We use tried and true psychological profiling techniques to identify and define your target audience for you, create a brand voice that speaks directly to your ideal customer, and create copy & content that guides them through your sales funnel, making the most of each visitor.




Geovana CBD is a United States based CBD company, wholly owned by two fantastic women who created a line of CBD health and wellness products specifically designed for women and women's health issues.  They wanted to capture the essence of their origin story in their web copy whilst offering a safe place for women of all ages to find accurate, relevant and useful information about topics such as PMS, menopause and a wholistic approach to dealing with these.


PureKana is a United States based CBD company.  Well established and highly successful, they wanted their website and web copy to reflect a new level of maturity, as well as include more in-depth information about their company, their products and their company values.

Goldfish Amsterdam

Goldfish Amsterdam is a Dutch CBD company selling a range of unique and innovative CBD products.  They needed a copy that reflects the bespoke nature of their products, all of which are developed exclusively by their team.

Farside KY

Farside is a medical cannabis company from the Cayman Islands.  Connecting patients to their network of licensed medical practitioners and pharmacists, their web copy had to reduce stigma, and communicate the benefits and uses of cannabis extracts for medical and therapeutic purposes while persuading potential patients to get in touch.