You don’t have to be a marketer to understand that there are real benefits to including a social media marketing plan in your medical Cannabis | CBD business’s greater content market strategy.  It’s pretty darn cost-effective and it’s a great way to show you audience who you are while at the same time giving them loads of opportunity to engage with you.

Add to that, that as a medical Cannabis | CBD brand your best advertising efforts have probably been cancelled harder than… I don’t know – who’s been cancelled lately?  Anyway, the prospect of just actually being able to get your brand name out there is, and should be alluring.  But, what’s really pretty cool is that the statistics bear it out – social media marketing do have real-world, tangible and quantifiable benefits.

So, let’s take a deep-dive into five quantifiable benefits of social media marketing for medical Cannabis | CBD  businesses.

1. Grow Brand Awareness

I actually tell all of my clients who ask, that the best way to use social media is to build brand awareness – especially when it comes to Instagram.  Social media marketing is one of the cheapest digital marketing strategies you can use to boost your Cannabis | CBD brand’s visibility by helping you reach a broad spectrum of potential consumers or clients.


Brand Awareness Benefit Quantified
  • Over 200 million people visit at least one Instagram Business page every day. (Instagram, 2019)
  • 76% of consumers in the U.S. have purchased a product that was shown in a brand’s post on social (Curalate, 2017)

2. Increase Inbound Traffic

If you take social media out the equation, your inbound traffic is pretty much limited to how well you perform in organic Google searchers and your current customers meaning that you will have a tough time trying to reach anyone outside your usual customer pool.  Now, add social media and a social media marketing strategy into the loop, and all of a sudden you several gateways to your website.  And with every piece of content you publish, you also have another opportunity to get new and different prospective customers to become interested in what you have to offer and visit your website or shop.


inbound traffic Benefit Quantified
  • Non-customers are three times more likely to increase traffic for brands. (Adobe State of Digital, 2018)
  • 72% of Instagram users claim to have made a product purchase after seeing it on the app

3. Stimulate Customer Engagement

When done right, your social media strategy can help you strengthen your customer relationships by giving them ways and reasons to engage with you.  Whether it is sharing a post, sending an enquiry via DM, or using your social media profile as a channel for customer service, each time a potential or current customer reaches out and engages with you, you are stimulating an opportunity for customer engagement.


Customer Engagement Benefit Quantified
  • 40% of consumers state they only become emotionally attached to a brand if they interact with them on social media (Edelman, 2018)
  • Brands are driving a median engagement of 1.60% across all industries on Instagram (Rival IQ, 2019)

4. Promote Products & Services

Probably the most obvious benefit of social media marketing is that it’s a cheap, easy and relatively time-efficient way of introducing, displaying and promoting your medical Cannabis | CBD brand’s products or services. And getting our products or services in front of as many people as we can really is the main reason why we bother investing in any type of marketing, right?!


Customer Engagement Benefit Quantified
  • Over half (54%) of browsers use social media to search for new products. (GlobalWebIndex, 2018)
  • 76% of consumers have purchased a product they’ve seen in a social media post with 44% of consumers purchase items seen on a brand’s own social media profile. (Curalate, 2017)

5. Promote your Content + Improve SEO

Say you are focussing your social media marketing on a specific topic your brand rocks, and you repeatedly and consistently promote your content about that topic on social media and people are visiting your blog, in the eyes of search engines like Google, your web site becomes a type of “go-to” place for information specific to that topic. What starts to happen is that search engines start showing your website in their search results, which drives more traffic to your website, which increases your page and domain authority, which drives more traffic, and so on and so forth.  Now that is the type of upward spiral I won’t mind being stuck in!


Content Promotion & improved SEO Benefit Quantified
  • Content posted organically to social media has a 12% higher search engine visibility than non-posted content (Hootsuite, 2018)
  • Unfortunately not available to us in the Cannabis | CBD  industry, the same study showed that paid promotion has nearly double the SEO benefit of organic promotion with a 22% higher search engine visibility (Hootsuite, 2018)

From this, it’s pretty darn obvious that social media marketing has some real, quantifiable benefits.  That said, especially if you are a smaller business with limited resources, I suggest that, instead of going out there and creating all the profiles, focus your efforts on one or two platforms first.  If you’re not sure which social media platforms are best for you, I’ve put together this article explaining Which Social Media Platforms Should I Use for My Small Cannabis | CBD Business?